About the Book

Do you know your true nature? Or are you a product of the external world?

Due to a traumatic injury, Trey Jackson found himself asking these questions and began to realize that he had no idea who he truly was. This experience led him to create a book that resonates the repressed feelings and emotions within him that had been waiting to be set free.

Through Evergreen, Trey aims to awaken people to seeing their true nature. Everyone can do so much more, only if we are willing to let go of the role we have been coerced to play and accept our true identity.

“In this book I wrote, I wrote it for myself. I wrote it to free myself, to be vulnerable, to be naked, and to see that when I did this—everything was fine. To ferociously LOVE myself in my entirety, because that’s me, and that’s you too,” Trey Jackson says.

Trey Jackson

About the Author

Trey Jackson is an author, medium, intuitive coach, and Reiki healer who founded the Free-Minds blog and podcast. He received his bachelor’s degree in history and supply chain management from the University of Tennessee.

Trey Jackson


Once rooted, I would visualize interactions with my childhood self, and man, had this kid been neglected. At first, he wouldn’t even talk to me—so angry that I had been disconnected from him all of these years. He would sit inside of me in my darkest corners, letting all of his rage and anger build up with all the repressed emotions from my youth, before violently erupting. The eruption could occur over something minor as Atlanta traffic, or if I drank too much and blacked out.

You start letting things like anger and resentment go, because you understand we are all perfectly imperfect. Sometimes you have a shit day and sometimes someone else does, but it doesn’t matter because you comprehend we’re all human, and in our hearts, we truly want to be good people. Sometimes fear sweeps us up and makes us do awful things, but that doesn’t make us awful people. If you can truly love yourself and forgive yourself, then you will love and forgive everyone else as a natural byproduct of that function.

My whole life I had always tried to control with my noggin by thinking. Thinking that if I planned well enough, I could live in certainty and mitigate all the risks in the future. It’s really hard to have a breakthrough until you release this notion of control, and switch to a tune and frequency of allowing and finding balance in your life (giving and receiving). You still have an idea and intention of where you’d eventually like to get to, but you must let go of ‘how it comes to pass.’

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